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We are doing on duty as a safety LIFESAVER and RIVER GUIDE at Kampar River Festival 2019 while got a calling from Mr Mohammed Khodari

Kampar Rafting on 06 July 2019

While we are standby the safety environment of Kampar Rafting Competition on Kampar River Festival 2019, our Hotline +60193509694 called by Mr Mohammed Khodari. He requested the kampar rafting on this day immediately. Luckily we manage to run this Kampar Rafting trip while the event still running non-stop for 3-days

Kampar Rafting 4-pax Saturday

Kampar Rafting Festival

Mr Mohammed Khodari actually stay at Putrade Allsuite at Royal Perak Golf Club. They chathered a grab car from Ipoh Hotel to Kampar rafting area. It takes about 33-minutes drive. Is easy to come to play the Kampar Rafting here as Ipoh area, Gopeng and Kampar area all just nearby to the Kampar Rafting location

Kampar Rafting session 2pm

Kampar_Rafting_Festival_Trip_4_pax_Khodari_06_Julai_2019 (25)

We believe that Mr Mohammed Khodari will never forget this awesome moment especially when you experience with your own family