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rafting in Gopeng with Hussain Slayem Alameri

rafting in Gopeng 05 January 2019

This is Mr Hussain Slayem Alameri, a couple from Arabic Country do the Rafting in Gopeng at Sg Kampar White Water Rafting Malaysia. They are staying at The Banjaran Hotspring Retreat Ipoh on 05 January 2019

rafting in Gopeng 2-pax Saturday

Mr Hussain and his wife took a grab car from The Banjaran Hotspring Retreat Ipoh to the rafting in Gopeng. The distance from Hotel The Banjaran was about 28.6km approximately 30min drive via Lebuhraya Utara Selatan. The details of the location you can surf for 5-star Ipoh Hotel

rafting in Gopeng session 2pm

They start do activity of rafting in Gopeng at 2pm. The journey was took about maximum 3-hours including rest at pitstop point area