Water Rafting PROFILE

White Water Rafting #1 Malaysia

White Water Rafting #1 Malaysia or other name sometimes people just call Water Rafting provided a water rafting sports activities within Malaysian such as Water Rafting, River Tubing, Abseiling Waterfall, River Trekking, Kayaking Professional Adventure, Kayaking Leisure Trip and Camping by riverside.

At Sg Kampar River, Water Rafting also provided others activities such as Caving Adventure, Hiking Trail Adventure, Team Building Program with Outdoors Activities and Indoor Soft Skill Training


All our water rafting trainers (lifesavers coach & river guides) are comes from different background and they totally certified in various kind of water rafting certification related. We are Certified National Outdoor Recreation Coach by Ministry Sports and Youth, Certified Lifesaver or Lifeguard from Life Saving Society Malaysia and Academy Aquaputra Malaysia (Home of Life Savers), Certified First Aider, Certified CPR, Certified EAR and Certified AED Training from Life Saving Society Malaysia

You may review our water rafting profile certified LIFESAVER coach here

and majority our LIFESAVERS born from Academy Aquaputra Malaysia, The Home Great Of LIFESAVERS. We are always expose with a new knowledge related of water, drowning, safety, CPR and so many, You may find and feel free to download all the brochure related in page of raft SAFETY Guideline


All our water rafting River Guide are really trained for professional certified RRC certificate from Sierra Rescue International. Those who want to join become our certified RRC River Guide, you may follow one of our social media news such as our Sg Kampar White Water Rafting facebook for announcement of the RRC Certified River Guide course certification. Every once a year the course will open to public and the training itself will do at Sg Kampar White Water Rafting Malaysia

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make a friends with all the name list of River Guide below. They are very good in their position handling the boat and makes the journey of Water Rafting very excited and happiness

river guide sg kampar water rafting

Please take note also that all our river guide above are totally certified RR3 (River Rescue Certification) from Sierra Rescue International.


The water rafting management are consists majority the people inside here are coming from various certification certified course such as 1) certified River Guide 2) certified LIFESAVER 3) certified Recreation Coach 4) certified First Aider 5) certified EAR 6) certified CPR 7) certified AED

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At Sg Kampar itself, we have a lot of company involved here. There are such as Teambuilding Adventure, River Explorer, Irwan Teambuilding Malaysia SDN BHD (1317921-H), River Bug, Radak Adventure, Nomad Adventure and so many. For other more info, you also can visit and surf our White Water Rafting Malaysia Site (https://white-water-rafting-malaysia.business.site)

For location you can use this our direction location of White Water Rafting Malaysia Google Maps (https://goo.gl/maps/4vLtn7WypNA2)

The nearest landmark to Sg Kampar White Water Rafting Malaysia is a Plaza Toll Gopeng as shown map below