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The storytale Map Sg Kampar Gopeng Perak
The storytale Map Sg Kampar Gopeng Perak

The most popular adrenalin pumping fun activity is White Water Rafting in the Sg Kampar or Kampar River Perak. The scenic waterway is created by the merging of three rivers, Geruntum River, Geroh River and Pacat River in Perak. Rated as a Grade I to III river, it offers a great combination of water ranging from gentle flows to challenging and using some sort part of technical white water. Compare from all the White Water Rafting river around Malaysia, Sg Kampar or Kampar River White Water Rafting is consider a perfect place and recommended for beginners


Sg Kampar White Water Rafting located between district of Kampar Town and district of Ipoh Town area. While Gopeng Town area was considered under Kampar district . Either you come from Kampar or Ipoh area, both you can reach the destination of Sg Kampar White Water Rafting with almost same distance between 20km to 30km drive

Gopeng District Of Kampar

Gopeng, a 150 years old town in Kampar District, was one strategic place where the great tin mining industry of Malaysia was once existed before the tin empire has collapsed in 1980s. Its name was believed to be originated from a Chinese man called Mo Peng (毛兵); however, it was converted into Gopeng as it was believed that the British found the first name was hard to be pronounced.True to its legacy as Gopeng was a place where great notable residents were happened to be born at there or to be involved in an official event as stated in the Malaysia’s history, including Mr. Eu Kong Pui (1853–1892), founder of “Eu Yan Sang”, Dr Sun Yat Sen (the leader of the historic Chinese revolutionary leader) stayed in Gopeng briefly during the period 1909-1911, and etc

Kampar District Of Perak

While Kampar known as Education City is a mukim in Kampar DistrictPerakMalaysia. Founded in 1887, the town lies within the Kinta Valley, an area rich with tin reserves. It was a tin mining town which boomed during the height of the tin mining industry.Located just 38 kilometres away from Ipoh, it is believed that Kampar was founded in 1886 by Imam Prang Jabor at Keranji River. When tin-mining was booming, miners from China came to Kampar as it sits on the tin-rich area of Kinta River. Additionally, the Chinese community in Kampar calls it ‘Kam Pou’ that is translated as ‘precious gold’ in Cantonese


Sg Kampar Rafting OFFICE at Dataran Kg Jahang or River Explorer OFFICE | Google Waze Address (https://goo.gl/maps/4vLtn7WypNA2)

White Water Rafting Malaysia Office

distance from Gopeng Toll Exit Plaza (Exit 135) to Sg Kampar Rafting OFFICE (9-min | 3.8-km)

White Water Rafting Malaysia via Lebuhraya Utara – Selatan/AH2/E1 to Dataran Kg Jahang

1) Take exit 135-Gopeng toward Gopeng/Jeram/Batu Gajah

2) Turn left onto Route 1 (signs for Jeram/Kampar)

3) Turn left onto Kg. Gunung Mesah Hilir (after flyover bridge, at bus stop landmark on rightside)

4) Arrive at location: White Water Rafting Malaysia (Dataran Kg Jahang Gopeng)

5) or you can watch the VIDEO Meet Up Location Sg Kampar White Water Rafting Malaysia below


1) a bridge with the river below

2) public parking area

3) small restaurant named Enojah Shop

4) looks for River Explorer Office with Kayaking Gear

5) sit back and rest at infront of the office

6) our River Guide will come to you

Most of the time we are not in the office. Therefore, please whatsapp your status through raftingreservation.wasap.my. It is easier for us to make an earlier arrangement 


Once you reach at our meet up location, please have a sit and rest infront of River Explorer Office. You can have your own meals at Restoran Enojah here while waiting our River Guide come to entertain you.

If you bring your own car, please follow the direction instruct by our River Guide here to the PUBG campsite

If you come with the grab car or private car, drop by at River Explorer Office or Dataran Kg Jahang or Restoran Enojah then you will go together with River Guide using the lorry to our PUBG campsite. 

You may enjoy to use the lorry here because lorry is our main transportation to transfer returns the boat and the participants or paddlers from meeting location to the starting point and from ending point to the meet up location  

Kampar River has been a popular spot for White Water Rafting since 2003. A trip on this river is a maximum three-hour journey, adrenaline-fuelled journey along a seven kilometres stretch depending on the water level. There are almost 12 prominent rapids along the stretch and every rapid has a storytale shoud be know especially those who use to be a rafting here

Although we are OPEN DAILY and WALK-IN available, people still need to remember to whatsapp us at anytime for us to prepare a boat raft and the river guide for you through our reservation number raftingreservation.wasap.my. It is just a quick reply and reponse between you and us just to make sure that we are ready to standby a good preparation for you

The storytale Map Sg Kampar Gopeng Perak
The storytale Map Sg Kampar Gopeng Perak

Looking to the storytale Map Sg Kampar, the first rapid was named Lubuk Bajak. Then it follow by Tripple Pressure rapid, Broken Dam rapid and Easy Drop rapid.Easy drop rapid is one of the toughest rapids in the Kampar River here. The are high chances or tendency all the rafters or guests including the River Guide to be thrown overboard

Basically, the rapid has two drops of approximately three metres high. Upon reaching this rapid, the river guide will shout the word “Boom! Boom!” to indicate that everyone has to sit in the centre of the raft to avoid falling into the river. It is very exhilarating as your raft is thrown through the rapid and you are left to the mercy of the powerful water. 

One rapid called Paddle Breaker marks the site where a guide had his paddle broken in half while going down it. Broken Paddle is the next rapid reflect the concrete ruins of a dam at the river that was once built for the tin mining industry in the Gopeng area. 

After that, all the guests or rafters are going to go through Rajah Corner rapid and Lubuk Puaka rapid. Rajah Corner rapid is the longest rapid in Kampar River. It is aptly named after the big colony of Rajah Brooke butterflies swarming over the rocks along the area, especially in the morning.

Then, it is time to rest and go river bathing through the pitstop area at Resting Point, Batu Besar and Swimming area. Approximately 20-minutes to 30-minutes you will rest and recover your energy here. When our River Guide see all the guests or rafters are being too rest here, then the next adventure journey began by blow the whistle

Whenever a raft passes through the next rapid called Slide rapid, it has to be in a 30 degree angle so that it can get through the rapid without capsizing. Everyone must move to the high side of the raft so that the raft will be in a slightly tilted position.

Slide rapid is a little tricky and slightly technical as it requires the raft to go through most of the right side before sliding to the middle. A raft can easily get stuck in this rapid, especially when the water level is low. If it happens, rafters must shift to the front or the back of the raft depending on the situation and in the meantime, the guide will push the raft back into the main current. It requires skillful manoeuvering because of frequent obstructions.

Snake rapid comes after Slide rapid. Snake rapid got its name simply because the curve of the river looks like a snake. Your raft will go through a zigzag pattern to clear out of this rapid.

Lubuk Pulai rapid refers to a skillful trick river kayakers love to do at this rapid. The play manoeuver involves nosing the boat’s bow down and deep and the stern up resulting in the kayak popping vertically upward.

Seeing a flock of chickens running around the area during their first recce, the guides decided to name one rapid Chicken Run. Another is called Eddy Point, the white water terminology for an area where two currents from the opposite direction met to create a circular or spiral motion in the water. and Radio rapid is consider the last rapid before reach the ENDING POINT at Sg Kampar PUBG campsite area

All these rapids offer different kinds of thrills to rafters. You can never run a river the same way twice as the changes of the water flow make each trip unique.

During the journey, you will find yourself so much Fun between rapids, Exciting before reach the rapids, Adventure while you are going through the rapids, Relaxing while you know that you are still happy to continue paddling the water rafting boats together with your friends including the River Guide

Want to contribute the storytale of the rapids given? Please do ask the River Guide and you are most welcome to comment here. We will see some of the various version but it is still the same rapids that all rafters going through together

Ending Point Sg Kampar PUBG Campsite
Ending Point Sg Kampar PUBG Campsite


Remember to spare you last energy whenever you reach the Ending Point of rafting here! But do not worry, if you looking too tired after the long maximum 3-hours journey through almost 7-km distance, our River Guide will help you to carry the rafting boats themself back to the store. 

prevention from corona virus on rafting boat sg kampar perak (2)
the store of Rafting Boats

Make sure to returns back all the rafting equipments such as helmets, life jacket or personal floating device (PFD), paddle and the rafting boat itself. Put all the gears with care and nice at the proper location prepared

prevention from corona virus on rafting boat sg kampar perak
We always to keep clean and hygiene for all the rafting equipments
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Before you leave your great journey experience here, you may take a shower in our private toilet bathroom here. There are a signage of male on the left side and female on the right side of the picture shown below

PUBG campsite with toilet bathroom
PUBG campsite with toilet bathroom


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